Surgical Neurophysiologist Qualifications and Training

Several years ago the American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (ASET) developed a board certification program for surgical neurophysiologists. This board certification is called the Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (CNIM) and is the only board certification program available for surgical neurophysiologists. Board certification of IOM neurotechnologists requires an in-depth knowledge of monitoring within the operating room. Our goal is to achieve 100% CNIM certification for our IOM personnel.

To prepare the Sentient surgical neurophysiologist to take the CNIM we have developed a 10-week course online. We take education seriously and so do our IOM personnel.

Here are some statistics compiled by American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists, the testing arm of the ASET: 55% of 598 individuals passed the CNIM on their first attempt. Repeaters had a pass rate of 44%. The proof that Sentient's education methodology is working is the passing rate of 82% for all our surgical neurophysiologists taking the exam. Each student taking the CNIM exam had taken the CNIM 8-week preparatory courses. For those who were repeating the CNIM exam, 83% passed with the Sentient Education Institute system. Currently, there are 43 CNIM certified surgical neurophysiologist in our company. This is more than twice as many as other companies.

The process of board certification in TCD and carotid duplex in the United States is in development. Currently only the professional RVT and RVS board certifications exist. Medicare currently recognizes RVT and RVS credentials. In an effort to develop a surgical neurophysiologist level board certification similar to the CNIM for IOM technologists, Dr. Razumovsky is working with other experts associated with the ASN and ARDMS in writing guidelines which will lead to a new credential, the NVT, NeuroVascular Technologist performing TCD and carotid duplex. Sentient stands at the forefront in its encouragement of this rapidly developing field. In anticipation of new developments in this field, the SEI has developed board certification courses and tests to prepare a surgical neurophysiologist for successful completion of their anticipated board certification.